Created: 20/09/17 Author: Ryan

Here at Team 8 Digital, we want to keep you updated with the latest technology stories. Recently we've heard that Amazon are looking at creating their Amazon Alexa a more formidable competitor to Google Assistant by allowing you to wear it on your face, and take Amazon Alexa with you wherever you go.

We've heard that the company is said to be creating a pair of somewhat normal-looking glasses that you can connect to your smartphone, assumingly via Bluetooth that will allow you to both hear, and potentially speak to.

These Amazon Alexa glasses would work via a bone-conduction audio system, but unlike similar glasses there won't be any form of screen or camera that is found in the Google Glass.

Amazon Alexa-powered 'smart glasses'

Having a pair of smart glasses on your face seems rather cool, and without the screen would certainly help improve battery life of the Amazon Alexa smart glasses.

On top of that, without a screen would likely make the development process of the Alexa smart glasses easier which would likely increase its chance of success.

Your opinion on the Alexa-powered 'smart glasses'

We would love to hear what you think of this recent report that's been released about the Amazon Alexa smart glasses, let us know on Twitter.

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