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Custom Software Development VS Prebuilt Software

Created: 04/09/17 Author: Ryan

Whether you're looking for software development for your website or are just keen to find out whether software should be bought or built today I'm going to give you so pointers of whether you should be buying software or getting a software development company to build it.

There are very clear benefits and drawbacks to both of these approaches of either buying or building custom software. However, one can be a much better investment than the other depending on your needs and requirements.

You'll want to consider the following questions before making a firm decision on buying or building software:

  • 1. Is your plan to grow the software significantly?
  • 2. How small or big is your company?
  • 3. What financial constraints do you have?

Custom Software Development

In today's world, we have a lot of cutting edge technology already at hand. For this reason, opting to go with custom software development may not be the best decision if you're a small business and aren't looking to grow much larger.

Custom software development can become quite expensive in the long run, you should give careful thought to your financials before looking at custom software development. However, providing your financials are in place, custom software development can certainly have the competitive edge over buying prebuilt software.

Furthermore, custom software can have the ability for it to scale, you can add features, functionality and additional extras to custom software as it'll likely be built with a software development company such as us - Team 8 Digital.

Custom software development can also be tailored for growth, this makes it extremely appropriate to opt for custom software compared to prebuilt software.

Regardless all these pros, there can also be some strong drawbacks to opting for custom software development, one of these is the expense. It can get very expensive to build custom software, and thus smaller companies may be against the idea and opt to go straight for prebuilt software.

Prebuilt Software

At first, this may seem like a great decision to go ahead and purchase prebuilt software, and unless you have very good financials.

However, for small businesses it can be faster to implement prebuilt software compared to custom software development and also can have lower upfront costs.

Prebuilt software can be great if you're looking to get up and running quickly and is usually quite easy to use.

Conclusion on Custom Software Development V Prebuilt Software

Our conclusion on software development is this, if you're looking to get up and running quickly, have limited financials and aren't looking to grow then prebuilt software may be the option for you.

Whereas if you're looking for extra functionality in the future, are looking to grow your business and have your financials in place, then custom software development may be the right option for you.

Here at Team 8 Digital we are passionate about our software development services. So if you're looking for custom software, check out our software development services.

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