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How to increase Organic Search Traffic to your website

Created: 30/08/17 Author: Ryan

Right, so you've got your website up and running on the web, your domain is set up, your web design is complete, and now you're looking to start generating more organic traffic to your website.

Where do you start?

In today's blog, I'm going to be going over some of the fundamentals to driving more organic traffic to your website and getting higher in the search engines.

We all want our websites to appear on the first page of Google right? Surely this is the aim? Well, unfortunately there's likely very little chance of ranking on the first page of Google for certain keywords, and that's because millions of people are also trying to do exactly the same thing.

Here at Team 8 Digital, we focus on improving your SEO score of your website, and help optimise your website to drive targeted, organic traffic to your website.

What is Organic Search Traffic anyway?

Put simply, organic search traffic is what most online marketers strive to increase. This particular type of traffic is defined as visitors coming from a search engine, like Bing or Google, but there are others too.

Increasing organic search traffic to your website is something, like SEO that will likely take some time. You likely won't see any results over night.

What can I do to increase Organic Search Traffic to my website?

So there are a number of things that you can do to increase organic search traffic to your website, these are outlined below:

  • 1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - this is the method of implementing various on-page and off-page techniques to help make your website appeal more to the search engines. Here at Team 8 Digital we've already covered SEO previously in another topic, or you can check out our SEO services here at Team 8 Digital.
  • 2. Social Media - nowadays social media has become very important to businesses, if your business isn't using social media then it really should be. Like our SEO services, we also provide social media services here at Team 8 Digital.
  • 3. Website design - your website design is likely one of the most important factors in driving more organic search traffic to your website. If your web design isn't up to a good visual level then our web design services here at Team 8 Digital will help provide you feedback.

To summarise

Increasing organic search traffic over night isn't likely going to be easily possible. It'll take some time to do this, with the help of some basic SEO techniques and social media enhancements you can certainly drive a larger amount of organic, targeted traffic to your website over time.

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