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Should you upgrade to the All-new Apple iPhone 8 or 8 Plus?

Created: 22/09/17 Author: Ryan

Apple has launched their recent smartphone, the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. After months of rumours, many news articles and a lot of debates on the new iPhone 8, is it worth upgrading from your current iPhone to the new iPhone 8 / 8 Plus?

In this quick article, I'm going to help you decide whether the upgrade to the iPhone 8 might be worth your time, or whether you should stick with your current iPhone.

The All-new Apple iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8 features the all-new A11 Bionic chip compared to the previous generation, the A10 chip that is found in the iPhone 7, and 7 Plus. The smartphone still comes with your standard, 2nd generation touch ID and 1334x750 pixel resolution display at 326 ppi, the same that is found in the previous generation the iPhone 7.

When we look at the specs of the iPhone 8 on paper against the iPhone 7 there's not a massive difference between the two devices.

However, if you own a iPhone 6S or 6S Plus then you're likely going to see a big improvement in terms of the speed of the device, and overall user ability.

Not to mention, Apple's new iPhone 8 now comes with wireless charging as standard.

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus?

If you're looking to upgrade to the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, there's obviously going to be a size difference between the standard iPhone 8 vs the Plus size model.

If you're not concerned with the size difference between the two versions, and currently own a iPhone 7, then we don't see the need for you to upgrade. The price tag starting at £699 for the iPhone 8 and £799 for the iPhone 8 Plus is quite steep and for this price you're not going to be getting much of a performance increase, neither any significant improvements.

However, if you own a iPhone 6S / 6S Plus or older model, these devices feature the A9 processer chip, so it would certainly be a good upgrade to the iPhone 8.

What about the iPhone X / 10?

If you have the money to upgrade to the iPhone X, then go ahead, however with the release date of this device fast approaching, you have to consider that this is a first generation of its kind from Apple that doesn't include a physical home button, and also doesn't include the Apple's touch ID, instead, it features Apple's Face ID.


If you're an Apple fan, and currently own a iPhone 6S / 6S Plus or older and are looking for a performance increase with a few new features but don't like the look of the iPhone X / 10, then we suggest taking a look at the iPhone 8.

However, if you own a iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, we don't feel that there's going to be any significant performance gains to be had with the new Apple iPhone 8.

So what device are you looking at getting? Let us know on Twitter.

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